Terms & Conditions

1. I agree to pay for any oil supplied direct to the oil supplier in accordance with their terms & conditions and agree to indemnify Save on Oil againstany claims arising there from. If you fail to make payment for your oil you could be excluded from future orders.

2. Price for oil will be subject to total group volumes placed at the time the order is given, such orders being given in good faith on your behalf.

3. If you are not happy with the price offered then you have 24 hours from email notification to cancel the order directly with the supplier.

4. The contract for supply lies entirely between yourself and the supplier appointed by save on oil.
Initial orders given to a oil supplier may require payment in advance if an account is not held with them.

5.Claims for non delivery, damage caused by the supplier whilst delivering, or liability of any sort cannot be accepted by Save on Oil. Any such claims must be dealt with by you direct with the supplier.

6.Annual charges will be collected from your registered debit/credit card each year automatically. Should for any reason you wish to terminate your subcription to our service then written notice must be submitted to us 10 days before the expiry of your existing contract with us.