How It Works

Save on Oil will act as your personal oil broker and will set up and operate, on a local community basis. An on-line domestic oil ordering system through which householders can easily register their needs for domestic heating oil every month.

At the end of each month the orders are collated and totaled by us. Several other community groups orders are then batched together to create a much larger volume. The price is negotiated by us, using local and national suppliers, to achieve the best cost for the groups volume. You are then notified who gave us the best price and the savings achieved. You order is passed to the supplier to make the delivery and you pay directly to the oil supplier..simple.    

How will it help my community…?

Save on Oil will act for Community Churches, Schools and other
organisations (by arrangement) free of charge to help the local community.
Save on Oil helps with ‘green’ issues too, even though you are burning oil. By significantly organising group deliveries we can reduce the number of road miles used to deliver heating oil to residents in your community. Our monthly collation of orders allows just one tanker to service all in your area.

See below for savings and costs to you.

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How much can I save…?

Save on Oil can generate savings of over 4-6p per litre which could easily save you £240 per year. The greater the volume of oil that your household uses the greater the saving for you to keep.

How much will it cost me…?

Save on Oil is simple and easy to use and costs just £30 per household
per year. So join in now with other members of your community and benefit from the volume orders that Save on Oil can deliver to your community. Register today under your area and start to Save on Oil now.